The New Model of Society

The New Model of Society

Education.  As the first step of a new educational dialectic, we must turn all State schools into Reason, Logic and Thinking schools, designed according to the psychological types of the students. Faith must be declared a private matter for people, which that has no connection with the State or the public space.  Education must be free and must be the central focus of the State, and the key service offered by the state. Education will be what defines the State… education for its own sake. Perfect education leads to a perfect State. Keep dialectically improving the education system until everyone has the ideal, bespoke education, tailor-made to make them the best they can be, to maximize their potential.

Politics.  Voting based on reaching a certain age (18) is to be abolished. People will be given as many votes as they are entitled to by virtue of 1) academic qualifications, 2) work experience, or 3) by “citizen exams” in any subject, these being designed to ensure that citizens have a proper understanding of a subject, hence can contribute meaningfully to any debate regarding it. People use their vote in each area of their expertise to vote for the most expert people in that sector, who will then represent their interests. Anyone with the right qualifications can stand for election. No one has to be a member of any political party. No one has to know the “right” people.

Health.  We must provide free health within a sensible budget. Health cannot be limitlessly free because it would bankrupt the State. All basic needs should be met for free, but complex, experimental treatments may have to be rationed, or insured against. Ideally, health should be completely free, and if that can be attained and managed, so be it. If it proves too expensive then rationing must be imposed for rare medical conditions, experimental procedures, and anything that drains the health budget while providing little benefit (such as lavishing care on people who no longer know who they are, and will never get better).

Economy.  The infrastructure of the economy must be controlled by the State. All banks and financial institutions must be State controlled. (No private individuals should have access to so much wealth and power that they control politicians and even governments). All stock markets must release all information for free to all participants (so that there are no privileged players who have a head start over others because they paid to receive vital information first). Despite the macroscopically socialist infrastructure, the microscopic economy will be capitalist, meaning that people can set up their own businesses, do their own thing, and make profits without having to seek State permission (unless they are engaged in a business that will damage society or damage meritocracy – in which case they will be closed down). No business dedicated to dumbing down and exploiting the masses will be tolerated. Businesses should be promoting quality and excellence, and should be good for society’s development. They should certainly do nothing to impede society’s evolution. There should be no private centers of power in the State (such as currently enjoyed by the super rich), no centers that are unelected and accountable to the people. This is a core principle.

Law and Order.  The law must no longer be based on the letter of the law (allowing expensive lawyers to find technical loopholes), but on the spirit of the law. No one will ever again get off on a technicality.

The Dialectic.  Dialectical processes will be embedded in society to provide a mechanism for ensuring perpetual improvement. True meritocracy is about applying the scientific method, mathematical method, and dialectical method to all areas of society. With regard to the dialectic, thesis, antithesis and synthesis institutions must be established.

Environment.  The environment must be beautiful and inspiring for everyone. In the present world, the rich have a beautiful environment, while the poor live in squalor and ugliness.

Technology, Design.  The environment must be optimally designed. Technology should be used as far as possible to eliminate all dull jobs.

Community, Housing.  Everyone must have good quality housing, preferably in a community setting where like-minded, mutually supportive, friendly and cooperative people live.

Media.  There can be no media moguls. Because the media is so critical to the quality of the people (junk entertainment produces junk people), the State will be heavily involved in the media. When the BBC began, its remit was to “Educate, inform and entertain”. These days, education and information have almost vanished, and all that’s left is cheap entertainment directed at the lowest common denominator to achieve maximum ratings and maximum profits. The original remit must be restored. Anti-Indoctrination/Child Protection Act. No brainwashing cults are permitted. Children must not be conditioned, indoctrinated and mind controlled. There should be commissions of inquiry into all anti-social, intolerant belief systems that say that infidels are evil and will go to Hell (and by implication that the faithful are doing God’s work if they kill them). Fundamentalism will soon enough be abolished.

Clear Thinking.  The State must encourage independent, critical, clear thinking, and prevent nonsense from infecting society.

Culture.  We need an enormous expansion of the “art economy”. Theatre, films, art galleries, museums, creative writing, poetry, music, street theatre, classical music. … we need more and more. Most people should be engaged in creative work. Technology should handle all tasks of drudgery. As well as an art and culture economy, we also need a knowledge economy.

Drugs.  Drugs should be completely legalized. The State should manufacture and sell them (to the highest quality standards), thus eliminating the “black economy” controlled by gangsters. High level research should go into finding and developing the safest, highest quality recreational drugs. Drug research should focus on “expanding the mind”.

The Sex Industry.  The State should run the sex industry to wipe out the gangster culture, and ensure good health and high standards. Wilhelm Reich’s attitude to sex should be promoted. Orgasms are GOOD AND HEALTHY: a vital and essential part of life. A huge effort should be expended on ensuring that people are sexually fulfilled.

Quality.  Society should be about quality, excellence, making everyone operate at near peak efficiency, with a multitude of peak experiences. The State should promote constant self-development and spiritual awareness.

The Psychological Society.  We need to switch away from the consumerist junk society of capitalist bread and circuses (the society of the Spectacle), and towards a psychological society of well-being, fulfillment and optimization. Society must become imbued with psychological knowledge. Religions of blind faith must be replaced by psychological self-understanding, and understanding of the behavior of others. Society will be radically improved if we understand ourselves and others better.

Anti-Private Wealth.  There should be an enormous destruction of excessive private wealth. This is one of the greatest evils of our world, and a huge barrier to human advancement. 100% inheritance tax will be used to eliminate dynastic elites. All monarchies, financial and social aristocracies, nobilities and elites must be abolished. There can be no dynastic families.

City States.  The State should try to recreate the incredible creativity of the ancient Greek city States, the Italian Renaissance States, and the city States of Germany (before it became a single nation).

New State Institutions.  Institutions define the State. It’s critical to have Institutions that are radical, dynamic and future-oriented. The following are some of the Institutions required by a healthy State:  State Institute of Drugs Research. State Institute of Sex Research. State Institute of Music Research – encouraging new music, radical music, new talent. State Institute of Arts research. State Institute of Advanced Technology. State Institute of Paranormal Research (“Ghostbusters”) – proper scientists who want to seriously study the claims of paranormal phenomena, according to the non-local, mental and spiritual reality defined by ontological mathematics. Supreme Meritocratic Court (involving philosophers, scientists, artists, but no lawyers). State Institute for studying the evolution of pathological ideas such as divisive fundamentalism, racism, sexism, and nationalism. Devil’s Advocate Institutions (to scrutinize all aspects of government and society).

By Michael Faust